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Fall Time Tasks Around the House!

It’s a chilly and gloomy day here in Clarksville. I’ve been back and forth doing business in Cookeville, TN these past couple of weeks and it feels really nice to just sit in my home and write you all a blog! I’m really enjoying connecting with you all this way and giving you a little more of me. Giving you tips and tricks and all of the knowledge is really rewarding for me and some days, (like today!) I’m just so over joyed to be in the middle of my career that I’ve prayed for! Any who, enough with all of that gushy stuff, let’s talk FALL TIME and what we should do for our HOMES! This is just a quick little list of things you may not think to do but should probably check out soon before the weather gets cold! Let’s get to cleaning out gutters and cleaning out the garage for a fresh coat of paint! Welcome to fall time in Tennessee boys n girls! As always, much love! - Syd!

Fall Time Tasks Around the House-

Clean/ seal your deck-

J.B. Sassano, president of Mr. Handyman, recommends “walk[ing] around the deck and sprinkl[ing] water on several different areas. If water soaks into the boards, it’s time to reseal the deck. If water forms a puddle or beads up, the deck is repelling water and will be safe for the winter.”

How to protect deck wood in the winter-

Check for loose nails and screws. Tighten or replace fasteners as needed.

  1. Power wash the deck on a day no colder than 40 degrees.
  2. Inspect for cracks or areas that are splintering. Fill cracks with epoxy wood filler.
  3. Add a water-repelling stain to protect from melting ice and snow.

Winterize your driveway-

Most people don’t give their driveway a second thought when winterizing the home. However, snow, ice and salt can take its toll on concrete and asphalt surfaces.

  1. Pull Weeds: If grass or weeds have sprung up throughout your driveway or sidewalk, pluck them out before fixing and sealing the gaps.
  2. Repair Cracks: During the winter, water can collect in and worsen existing cracks in concrete and asphalt. Use concrete caulk to patch hairline cracks and concrete sealer to fix larger gaps. For cracks in asphalt driveways, applying asphalt crack sealer will do the trick.
  3. Clean and Seal the Surface: Before the temperatures drop below 40 degrees, pressure wash your driveway and seal it with a concrete or asphalt sealer to prevent damage from snow and salt.

Clean your fireplace

Check  all heating and air units

Stock up on sidewalk salt, firewood and windshield wiper fluids

Clean all gutters

Remulch and winterize the gardens

Switch fan direction-

Ceiling fans should turn clockwise in the colder months, which pushes warm air back down into the room. Most fans have a simple switch that reverses the direction. (I didn’t even know this til recently!)

Clean up your lawnmower and other yard tools

Prepare your patio for winter-

Clean your patio furniture thoroughly before putting it away for the winter. Empty the dirt in any decorative clay or ceramic pots – otherwise it can freeze and crack the pots. More importantly, check for any cracks or dents in your deck or patio. Any small problem you have now will grow bigger during the cold season, especially if water gets into the cracks and freezes.

Add a fresh coat of paint-

The weather is still warm without being oppressive, so now is the perfect time to redo the outside (and maybe even the inside) of your home with a fresh coat of paint. With the milder fall temperatures, you will be able to keep your windows open to get rid of the fumes quickly.

Look at weather-proofing-

Doors and windows should be sealed against the elements with weather stripping and/or caulking. These protective materials keep nasty weather out and the heat in—cracked, chipping, or otherwise damaged seals can cause much higher energy bills as you lose heat to the outdoors. Also check that doors and windows are properly attached to their frames, with no gaps or cracks.

Clean out the garage-

  1. Old paint cans/ junk
  2. Old sports equipment
  3. Baby gear
  4. Overused holiday decor
  5. Ancient electronics
  6. Unfinished projects

The real nitty gritty list-

  1. Wash walls/ windows/ seals/ baseboards
  2. Clean washer and dryer
  3. Dust door frames and window frames
  4. Clean grouts
  5. Clean under and in refrigerator and in dishwasher and oven
  6. Flip mattresses
  7. Switch seasonal clothing
  8. Polish wood furniture
  9. Dust fake plants
  10. Dust ceiling fans
  11. Trash expired foods
  12. Run cut lemons and ice through the garbage disposal
  13. Test smoke detectors and monoxide detectors, replace batteries

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