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Lawn Care Tips for E V E R Y Season!

Another week into October... So crazy to me how fast the year is moving along. I feel like I'm just going to blink my way through winter and all of the sudden it's going to be spring time! I've been bringing all of my plants indoors and finding them a spot around the house for the winter season. While I was taking my 50 trips back and forth through the house ( I have quite the collection) and then once I went out to check on what's left of my 2020 garden I got to thinking more about my yard and thought maybe this would be a good time to post this blog just so you can be prepared when the seasons start to change! Don’t be the neighbor with the ugly yard this year. Be the neighbor everyone envies…year round!!!! You are WELCOME peeps, I have your BACK! Hahaha! These helpful tips should keep your yard dazzling through every season! Have a good week! - Sydney!


  1. You can mow a little lower in the fall, as there is less heat and direct sunlight that can dry out the soil. This is especially true if it is the last mow of the season; nobody wants to worry about overgrown grass all winter.
  2. Gas left in a carbureted lawnmower over the winter can become stale, damaging the carburetor when it runs again the next season. You have several options: you can add fuel additive, siphon the excess gas into a gas can, or run the mower until all the gas is depleted.


  1. Rake those leaves! The grass left underneath piles of unraked foliage has a higher chance of dying from the lack of air and sunlight.
  2. Don’t walk on the grass too much. Heavy foot traffic areas can cause bald patches.


  1. Sharpen mower blades to ensure clean cuts. A dull blade tears the grass, leaving jagged edges that discolor the lawn and invite pathogens.
  2. Tune up your mower with a new sparkplug ($3 to $5) and air filter ($5 to $10). Your mower might not need a new sparkplug every season, but changing it is a simple job, and doing it every year ensures you won’t forget the last time you replaced your sparkplug.
  3. Buy fresh gas. Gas that’s been left to sit over the winter can accumulate moisture that harms small engines. This is especially true for fuel containing ethanol, so use regular grades of gasoline.
  4. Make sure to put seed in all blank or bare spots in your grass.
  5. Watering your grass is wonderful, but don’t overwater. It is actually good for the grass when the roots have to grow deep to search for water.


  1. Sharpen your lawnmower blades. A dull blade can tear the grass instead of achieving a clean cut, and that is not good for your lush lawn
  2. Find a good mowing system and understand how low to cut your grass.
  3. Summer is not the time to fertilize your lawn. It is best to wait until the weather cools.

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