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Should I Buy Existing or New?!

Hi y'all!! Sydney here, I thought I'd share a little bit about one of my favorite questions to ask my buyer's! Deciding to purchase a home is one of the biggest decisions your going to make in your lifetime.... Take that from someone who has moved many times and has called a couple different families houses my home. I've been very fortunate for all of these experiences but something I wanted very early into my early adult life was a space to call MINE! When me and my husband Jacob decided that Clarksville would be where we wanted to plant our roots and we moved into a small lil cookie cutter apartment... I had no idea I'd REALLY end up finding our first little home on the outskirts of town that we would get to (didn't know it when we first moved in) own and EVENTUALLY use as our first rental! (still working on that second part ;D) And let me say, deciding that THIS was the one that we wanted to buy first was a HUGE deal... I had always saw myself in something newer and with lots of SPACE, and who am I kidding? A biggo' yard for the pup! (<---- I actually did get that part too, that was a must.) But, I saw all the potential in the world in my lil Carneal Ln and I can't wait to see what we accomplish with the house in the next couple of years. Stay tuned for more about that in another blog post!

So on to the big question of today... Are you going to buy a pre existing home or will you decide to build/ buy new construction? There's many different factors that are going to weigh on your decision and it's not one you want to take lightly. The idea of having buyer's remorse later on because you didn't get all of the features you were really wanting or you're paying for repairs that you don't really have time to worry about (I'm pointing at myself on this one!) is a major pain. But do you know what could potentially be a different pain as well? Waiting months for your new home to be built when you REALLY don't have time for that or maybe your personal touches you wanted to add all around are starting to get costly? Whatever the case is, let's just take a minute and ask some big questions and compare so we really know what we want! In the midst of fixin' up my home I get hit with many pains and I'm often reminded that when the day comes, why I will be so happy to have a newly built home and not have to worry about some of the things I do now. But with that being said, I'm so very thankful for the time I spend working on my home and making it everything I know it's worth! One of my growing pains is my floor plan.... I call it my lil cottage on Carneal for a reason, it's cozy in here and that doesn't make for easy pup chasing or when your husband is chasing YOU for whatever weird reason! Choosing to build means not only are you the first owner but you get to choose your layout and floor plan to fit your life! You choose the features you can't live without and you have modern style choices. That also means you're able to be as cost efficient and earth friendly as you choose to be and you don't have to worry about repairs for awhile. That in itself sways people to build often, but like I mentioned, you don't want to get so swept away that the home building becomes a financial burden. The idea of the perfect home sitting in your ideal location with the opportunity to create everything inside the home and outside is enough to make anyone giddy with excitement, but let's not forget that there's growing pains with anything one decides to do. When I mentioned that it can sometimes take awhile for homes to be built that's because it really is something to take into account, right? Think about it... What if school is starting soon or maybe you’re switching locations for work (HEY HEY my FT. Campbell people) and you don't have time to wait much less, what if something happens along the way to slow your progress?? These are big decisions people?! Also, a lot of times with new construction there's not always a whole lot of room for negotiation and we have to remember peeps, not all builders are the same so RESEARCH, RESEARCH, REEEESEARCH!!! Don't let these factors deter you from building your dream home from the ground up, (don't worry, it didn't for me!) just make sure to educate yourself and get an awesome REALTOR® to help make your life much easier. But say your over all of this and you just wanna be in your home already because holy smokes this is tooooooo much! GREAT! That's just fine too! Sometimes you really just can't beat the charm and history in some homes that have already lived a life before you come around. That's something so beautiful about the home I'm working on.. I know there was a lot of love and memories before I got here and getting to start our story somewhere that already had a lot of love floating around gives me the chilly bumps. Something else very compelling to me is a lot of times with older homes you already get the matured trees and landscape!! I love trees, greenery, all things plant related and at this point I've decided when I do build, that will be a must for me. (Y'ALL! MAKE A LIST! More on that in a later blog...) I will have to search far and wide for the perfect land with all the mature trees and lush greens and in newer developed places, if that's even what you want, sometimes that can be difficult. One thing that doesn't have to be difficult? Negotiations. With existing homes there's always going to be a market and there's normally space for you to save some bucks, and let's be real? Who doesn't want to save some money? If you take your time and you know what you want then there's a possibility you can get close to exactly what you want with an existing home. But again, everything has its flaws... And that leads me to our last point.. Even if the idea of building just doesn't set well, no matter what you decide, there's going to be things you need to look out for... You could still spend lots of dollars in repairs/ upgrades, and with older homes you run the risk of things like mold, lead paint, and asbestos.

Gives you a lot to think about right? Neither way is the  only "right way" and I think having your own home is the best feeling in the world. It can take hard work but with the correct knowledge and people to help you figure this out then you're guaranteed to figure out what works best for you. Maybe you're house hunting soon or maybe you're bored on your couch because of the pandemic... Whatever the case is, if you have questions please reach out! I'd love to talk home buying/ selling, or anything remodel related, heck... Let me tell you about the hole in my wall when we took down a 12 year old microwave.... :0

That's all for today my people! Talk soon <3

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