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Some Of Syd's Favorite -CLARKSVILLE- Things To Do!

Hi, my party people!! It's Sydney again! Here to bring you a short and UNFINISHED (this doesn't even cover a little) list of things I FREAKING LOVE ABOUT CLARKSVILLE! Holy smokes! This is the place to be! Not just because it's growing so tremendously fast, NOT because of the amazing people that live and love this place right along with me, NOTTTTT because it's so conveniently located but because it's really all that you could want out of a home!! We have a little bit for everyone and the culture here is out of this world. So I decided to take some of the guesswork out of what you could do on your next trip to Clarksville when the world rights itself and things get back to good. I'm going to reiterate for the last time that this list just grazes some of my tried and true, favorite, come back to spots! Now we start!!!!

If you know me well you know there's two things that get me goin! That's coffee in tha mornin' and wine in the evenin!!! NECESSITIES people! (Specially during this pandemic, AM-I-RIGHT?!) So let's get right to the point! This place is buzzing with locally owned coffee shops and places to find all your favorite spirits! NOT JUST WINE, that's right!! A handful of my favorite coffee shops around this town of mine is Mugsy's, Ravenwood, GetSome Coffee, and Lasaters! I wouldn't know what life without these are like... HARD NO OKAY? And then for the evenings (or whenever, who's judgin?) let me tell you about Beachaven.. Haven't heard of it? Now ya have... The best winery and the best events! Not only are the tours and tastings fabulous, but they host Jazz on the Lawn in the warmer months and you can catch me there most weekends! They also have other events and host many craft fairs but I'd have to say my all time favorite is The Clarksville Vintage Fair! THE BEST crafters, small businesses, and talent you will find around these parts and if you haven't made it to one of these, MAKE IT A PRIORITY! And don't leave me there to long with my credit card, okay??? Next on my list to finish up with the spirits is Old Glory distillery!! Beautiful place with delicious drinks/ spirits, they too offer weekend events so be sure to look them up!! They do tastings and tours that will BLOW your mind, and you can also host events! There's many other wonderful coffee shops and spirit companies around... These are just a handful of faves!

Next on my list is probably one of the biggest treasures to me.... the river. It's that simple. The river offers me so much, including the Marina... Go and have lunch at one of the restaurants close by or pack a picnic! (include Beachaven wine if you know what's good for ya) The views are beautiful and your close by McGregor Park where you should take a walk along the riverside with your pup ( Christmas time there's gorgeous Christmas lights) and just take time to breathe fresh air and clear your mind. But my all time favorite has to be all the blue way river systems in Clarksville. There's so many opportunities to take my kayak up and down the rivers and one day I plan to have a home nestled right by this exact river for this exact reason. Nothing relaxes and takes my stress away after a long day of work than meeting my husband and going for an evening float. Take it from me, it's not something you should pass up. Ask me how to get to the entrances! I'd love to tell you!!! Along with the river, I love the opportunities to hike here. Of course there's Dunbar Cave State park that I love for a quick bit of scenery, as well as the Clarksville Greenway (some of my favorite 2 mile hikes) but if you haven't heard of King and Queen's Bluffs then you should. Now these aren't for the whole family or even bring your dog type of hikes because this area (I'll be speaking majorly of Queen's Bluff which I'm more familiar with) is steep and meant for rock climbing. You're able to google the area and you can sign up for the gate code if you agree to the rules and stipulations and that's how you get entrance. Like mentioned, it's more for the rock climbers so please be mindful when out there, but it's a hidden gem that I will forever cherish.

 Normally after a day filled with hiking I like to go home and take a shower, put on some flowy pants and throw my hair up and ask my husband to treat me to Edward's SteakHouse. ONE of my favorite local restaurants. A lot of my friends and family that come see us are invited here because we love the food and the atmosphere. The owners are great and I love that they have live piano players on the weekends. The seafood, pasta, and steaks are all enough to have my mouth watering right now.... Think about them next time you're downtown with a hungry belly!

Something else I'm very grateful for is my church. I love LifePoint and Pastor Mike and I'm so happy to have found a church home in all of these years trying to find somewhere that made sense for me. I'm going to keep this one short and sweet, if you haven't heard of the place then look it up and prepare to be wrecked by Jesus!

 And last but definitely not least... after a morning service you can find me at Miss Lucille's Marketplace. From a local eatery, to knick knacks and finds you didn't know you were looking for... this place has it A L L!! Brand new finds, antique finds, ALL THE FINDS! It's known to be an eclectic marketplace (grab a coffee or a signature drink from the coffee stand, because duh) and when you start strolling the aisles of vendor booth spaces you'll see they have a variety of merchandise ranging from vintage finds, handmade goods, rare antiques, gift items, and new upholstered furniture!! They too host events, so put them on your must watch list!!!

And here ya have it, a list of stuff Syd couldn't live without in Clarksville. This isn't the full list and I'll post stuff like this often, but it says a lot if you love where you live!! Let's talk! I'd love to hear about the places you love and if you haven't heard of some of these then please reach out!! I have an abundance of knowledge regarding Clarksville and I'd love to tell you all about it!

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